Flexible PCB

Flexible PCB

Advantages of flexible pcb board

1. A significant advantage of the flexible PCB is that it can be more easily routed and attached. Also, it can be crimped or folded. As long as it curls within the allowable radius of curvature, it can withstand thousands to tens of thousands of uses without damage.


2. Reduce the size

In the component mounting, compared with the use of the guide cable, the flexible PCB has a thin and flat conductor cross section, which reduces the wire size and can be formed along the casing, making the structure of the device more compact and reasonable, and reducing the size. Compared with rigid PCB, space can save 60~90%.


3. Reduce weight

Compared with the rigid PCB, in the same size, the flexible PCB can reduce the weight by about 90%.


4. Increased reliability

When the flexible PCB is connected, since the wiring can be arranged on the X, Y, and Z planes, the switching interconnection is reduced. In doing so, the system reliability can be increased, and provides convenience for fault checking.