China PCB is well known by the world. For the same PCB board design, you may receive many different quotes from the PCB factory. The operational processes, materials, services and other factors will bring different costs to each PCB manufacturers. Our customers come from all over the world. Our PCBs are widely used in various industries, including medical, industrial, military, consumer electronics and so on. We produced air condition PCB, PCB for cars, refrigerator PCB, industry control PCB board and so on. In our promotions, CTT can also be your "free shipping PCB manufacturer". Becoming a "cheap and fast PCB manufacturer" is our goal, we do our best to meet the needs of our customers from product to service.

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FR4 is the material that has been used by us for the longest and most time.

Advantages to FR4 with CTT.

1. After 18 years of cooperation with different customers all over the world, so we have accumulated a wealth of PCB manufacturing experience. It enables us to meet many requirements and various high specifications boards. Our internal quality control department sets high standards and various quality inspection methods to ensure the quality of your PCB boards.

2. After 18 years of development, we have formed a completed supply system. Our supplier partners will provide us with reliable and competitive price materials.


You can have an inquiry and order several prototype boards to know our price and quality. Your PCB design will be checked by our engineers. We offer PCB solutions that match your budget. Then, when you place a PCB production order, it can help you save more money. For your concern, we provide comprehensive technical support from PCB experts. Once you order PCBs from CTT, you will find out why we can achieve more than 99% customer satisfaction.


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