Ceramic PCB

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Ceramic PCB

CTT provides ceramic printed circuit boards for your PCB needs.

In addition to the enviable thermal properties and coefficient of expansion, ceramic PCB can operate at the temperatures up to 350 degrees Celsius Besides, it provides better high-frequency performance, and it can use a sealed package that does not absorb water.


Characteristics of ceramic PCB

◆ Strong mechanical stress, stable shape; high strength, high thermal conductivity, high insulation; strong bonding, anti-corrosion.

◆ Better thermal cycle performance, the number of cycles is up to 50,000 times, and the reliability is high.

◆ It can etch various graphic structures like PCB board (or IMS substrate); it is non-polluting and pollution-free.

◆The use temperature is wide -55 °C ~ 850 °C; the thermal expansion coefficient is close to silicon, simplifying the production process of power modules.

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Use of ceramic PCB

Ceramic PCB is widely used in the below products:

◆ Semiconductor cooler, electronic heater; power control circuit, power mixing circuit.

◆ Intelligent power components; high-frequency switching power supply, solid-state relay.

◆ Automotive electronics, aerospace, and military electronic components.

◆ Solar panel components; telecommunications dedicated switches, receiving systems; laser and other industrial electronics.

Thermal conductivity of ceramic PCB

The thermal conductivity of ceramic PCBs may be the main reason for more industries choose ceramics PCB. Because this material has obvious advantages compare to plastics in this respect. The challenge is that these materials, as well as the production cost of ceramic PCB from ceramic PCB manufacturers, are much more expensive than traditional printed circuit boards. However, the benefits of ceramic PCB and the need to improve thermal conductivity are so great that any company that can afford to use it will choose to use ceramic boards when they need it.


The introduction of ceramic boards opened up the development of the heat dissipation application industry. Besides heat dissipation, ceramic PCB has many other advantages, including high heat dissipation, low thermal resistance, long life, and voltage resistance. With the improvement of production technology and equipment, the price is getting reasonable. Meanwhile, it expands the application areas of the LED industry, such as the indicator lights of home appliances, automobile lights, and outdoor large billboards. The successful development of ceramic PCB will become a service for indoor lighting and outdoor lighting products, making the LED industry a broader market in the future.


Service industry

Industries that require higher frequency connections and good heat resistance can benefit from ceramic PCBs. The main industries that ceramic PCBs can serve include:



Medical equipment

Heavy machine


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