Flex-rigid PCB

Flex-rigid board.

Flex-rigid PCB

What is a flex-rigid board?

The birth and development of a flexible board and printed circuit board gave birth to the new product of the flex-rigid board. The flex-rigid board is a circuit board formed by a flexible circuit board and a rigid circuit board having FPC board characteristics and PCB characteristics. It is combined with a series process such as pressing and combining, then combined according to the relevant process requirements.

Features of the flex-rigid board:

Advantages: The flex-rigid board has the characteristics of the FPC board and PCB. Therefore, it has some flexible area and some rigid area to save the internal space of the product, which make it can be used in some products with special requirements. Flex-rigid board greatly helps to improve product performance.

Disadvantages: The production process of the flex-rigid board is numerous. The production is difficult since the yield is low. Therefore, the price is relatively expensive and the production cycle is relatively long.

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The characteristics of the flex-rigid board determine its application area covering all application areas of FPC in PCB, such as:

Mobile phone

Motherboard and display

Disk drive


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Process flow of the flex-rigid board

1 Material selection

2 Production process and control of key parts

2.1 Production process

2.2 Transference of inner layer single-chip graphics

2.3 Multilayer positioning of flexible materials

2.4 Lamination

2.5 Drilling

2.6 Drilling and etching

2.7 Electroless copper plating, electroplating copper

2.8 Surface solder mask and solderability protective layer

2.9 Shape processing


The highest quality flex-Rigid PCB solution

At present, CTT provides flex-rigid boards for companies in the medical, telecommunications and manufacturing industries through our professional services and high quality. Our internal quality control department is fully committed to ensuring the accuracy of your flex-rigid board fabrication and assembly.

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