Aluminum PCB

Aluminum PCB

Aluminum PCB

Among all metal core PCBs (MCPCBs, which are known for the ability to provide efficient heat radiation for electronic products), Aluminum PCBs are the most popular. The base material consists of an aluminum core and standard FR4. 

The aluminum PCB is a unique metal-based copper clad laminate. The aluminum PCB has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation properties, and mechanical processing properties.

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CTT has been manufacturing in aluminum printed circuit boards for more than 12 years. Aluminum PCB from our factory is widely used in audio equipment, power equipment, communication electronics, automotive industry. Our full-featured aluminum board manufacturing capabilities allow you to receive high-quality aluminum PCBs within budget.

Characteristics of aluminum PCB

● Aluminum PCB has good heat dissipation in the circuit design;

● Aluminum PCB can reduce temperature, improve product power density and reliability, and extend product life;

● Aluminum PCB can reduce the size and reduce hardware and assembly costs;

● Aluminum PCB can replace ceramic substrate for better mechanical endurance.

As an aluminum PCB making a factory, we are happy to reply to any of your questions about aluminum PCB. Welcome to contact us and get a quote!