Heavy Copper PCB

heavy copper PCB

Heavy Copper PCB

What is heavy copper PCB? 

While there is no standard definition of heavy copper. It is generally accepted that if 3 ounces (oz) or more of copper is used on the inner and outer layers of a printed circuit board, it is referred to as a heavy copper PCB. Any circuit with a copper thickness exceeding 4 oz per square foot (ft2) is also classified as a heavy copper PCB. 

With the rapid development of the electronic information age, the demand for PCB, such as high-power and large-current server power panel, is rapidly increasing. Importantly, these power boards require high heat resistance, high heat dissipation. PCB designers would love to design it as heavy copper boards.

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The benefits of heavy copper PCB

Eliminate complex wired bus configurations.

Increase current carrying capacity.

Increase tolerance to thermal strain.

Integrate multiple copper weights (reduced number of layers) on the same layer of circuit.

Integrate high current circuits and control circuits on a single PCB.


CTT is a highly skilled PCB manufacturer that develops and produces high-quality heavy copper PCB. We offer heavy copper PCB manufacturing services using up to 15 ounces (525 microns) of copper weight.

CTT has 18 years of experience in manufacturing and assembling high-performance standards and help our customers achieve their productivity and profitability goals. We set it a standard operating procedure, allowing our highly skilled engineers to solve all problems and concerns before circuit board manufacturing. It ensures that the finished printed circuit board meets your performance expectations. Our quality control department guarantees the quality of your printed circuit boards.


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