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HK CT TECH CO.,LIMITED(Shenzhen Shengxu Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.) is a manufacturer who provides pcb proofing and production, pcba manufacturing and materials purchasing, finished products assembly and production of one-stop service for global customers. CTT committed to provide first-class services for global enterprises, to create business value for our customers.

Our company is located in Shenzhen Shiyan Tangtou Hongfa Technology Park, pcba processing plant area 2500 m2,employees more than 150 people. Owns the smt machine room, the automatic flowing plug-in lines, the wave-soldering, the automatic constant temperature tin holding tools, average daily capacity of 400000 units dip plug-in ability; Total 4 assembly line, more than 3 million points per working day processing capacity which can adapt to large, medium and small equipment products assembly; With bga mounting technology and repair technology, with 100 square meters of high temperature aging room, ultrasonic cleaning room, complete anti-static production measures, dust-free production workshop. The PCB production plant area is 5000 m2,which can produce 20 layers multilayer PCB.The minimum aperture could be 0.15mm, minimum linewidth / gap 2.8mil. The average monthly output is 8000 square meters and the average monthly sample is 1500 models.

Our main business is pcb proofing and production, smt processing, patch processing, plug-in processing, post welding processing, template welding, bga mounting, bga rework, bga bead planting, testing, finished product assembly, finished product aging, finished product packaging.

1) Thickness: 0.1mm-5mm

2) Minimum linewidth:0.075mm/3mil

3) Minimum gap:0.065/2.8mil

4) Minimum aperture inradium:0.15mm

5) Minimum aperture external diameter:0.45mm

6) Minimum BGA: 0.2mm

7) Layer:4 layers through hole non-impedance 

All multilayer boards are printed with 36t screen, the resistance welding oil is 50 tons thicker than the traditional 43t, which provides reliability guarantee for the bga and more precise fine lines.

We spend huge sums to import modern production and testing equipments and software from Japan, Germany, Taiwan and other places. Our factory is equipped with a comprehensive production, technology, service, after-sales team, 7 × 24 hours to provide technical support, production operations and order services. Rapid and comprehensive response to global customers personalized immediate needs.

In order to create values for customers, to seek development for employees and to continue the brilliant concept for the enterprise, CTT will continue to adhere to the quality of products and perfect services to give back to customers, and this as a mission, with unremitting efforts to pursue long-term development.

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