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PCB circuit design and common technical terms

Oct. 28, 2023

PCB circuit design and common technical terms shared by China pcb board assembly manufacture.

1.  Annulus annulus 

Refers to the copper ring attached flat to the board surface through the hole wall. This hole ring on the inner laminates is often connected with the outer earth by a cross bridge, and is often used as the end point or overstop of the line. In addition to the outer plate as the line of the station, can also be used as part of the foot plug welding pad. Also synonymous with the word Pad(with ring), Land (independent point), etc.

2. Artwork negative

In the circuit board manufacturing industry, this word often refers to black and white film. The brown Diazo Film is also named Phototool. PCB negatives can be divided into "original negative" Master Artwork and "Working Artwork" after turning, etc.

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3. Basic Grid

Refers to the horizontal and vertical grids on which the conductor layout is located when the circuit board is designed. In the early days, the spacing was 100 mil. Now, due to the popularity of thin and dense lines, the basic spacing has been reduced to 50 mil.

4. Blind Via Hole

It refers to the special cup-shaped Blind Hole in the complex multi-layer board, which is not fully drilled due to the interconnection of some layers only.

5. Block Diagram

The assembly board and all kinds of components needed are framed by square or rectangular empty boxes on the design drawing, and the relationship of each box is connected one by one with various electrical symbols to form a systematic architecture diagram.

6. Bomb Sight 

The sight screen from which bombers drop their bombs. When Photographers'Target is the official name for PCB, there are also these two Photographers' targets for Photographers'Target in all corners for Photographers when photography is in the making of the negatives.