HDI PCB prototype fabrication manufacturer

HDI PCB prototype fabrication manufacturer

1) Thickness: 0.1mm-5mm

2) Minimum linewidth:0.075mm/3mil

3) Minimum gap:0.065/2.8mil

4) Minimum aperture inradium:0.15mm

5) Minimum aperture external diameter:0.45mm

6) Minimum BGA: 0.2mm

7) Layer:6 layers through hole non-impedance 

8) PCB Assembly process: DIP, SMT, PCB Assembly  

9) Item: PCBA Electronic  

10) Material: Rogers; FR-4; high Tg/CTI/TD; high frequency; thick copper  

All multilayer boards are printed with 36t screen, the resistance welding oil is 50 tons thicker than the traditional 43t, which provides reliability guarantee for the bga and more precise fine lines.


Medical PCB 4 layers with good price high quality

Medical PCB 4 layers with good price high quality

Medical PCB 4 layers with good price high quality

Medical PCB 4 layers with good price high quality

PCB processing capability

PCB serviceProcess capability
Layer1-20 layers
Maximum size≤600*500mm
Wire copper foil thickness17-343um(10oz)
Minimum linewidth / line distance0.075/0.065mm(3mil/2.8mil)
Minimum aperture0.15mm(6mil)
Minimum welding pad0.2mm(8mil)
Impedance control+/-10%
Shape processing accuracy+/-0.10mm(4mil)
Board typeFR-4, aluminum - base, copper -base, ROGERS, ARLON, Teflon, composite
Surface treatmentTin spray, ENIG, Immerse Au, immersion silver, im mersion tin, osp, gold osp, electrospray tin


SMT serviceProcess capability
Processing typeSMT, DIP, After welding, test
Maximum boardL50×W50mm~L510×W460mm
Maximum thickness3mm
Minimum thickness0.5mm
Minimum component1005
Maximum component size150mm*150mm
Minimum pin component spacing0.3mm
Minimum bga spacing0.3mm
Maximum component mounting
Whole assembly accuracy up to ±50 micron,whole
process repetition accuracy ±30 micron.
SMT capacity4 million pins / day
DIP capacity100 thousand/ day