Impedance control PCB Via-in-PAD PCB supplier

Impedance control PCB Via-in-PAD PCB supplier

Place of Origin:  Guangdong, China (Mainland)


Model Number: FR-4 TG130/150/170 multi pcb

Base Material: Fr-4 TG130/150/170

Copper Thickness: 1oz-2oz

Board Thickness: 7mm

Min. Hole Size: 0.15mm, 0.20mm

Surface Finishing: HASL,LEAD FREE HASL,OSP

Product name: Factory price high TG Fr4 Metal Alu Small Printed Circuit Board

PCB type: Electronics Manufacturing

Number of Layer: Double Layer PCB,Multilayer PCB

Certification of quantum board led: ISO,SGS,ISO,ROHS

Testing service: Omron AOI/X-Ray/ICT/Solder Paste Testing/Function Testing

Service: PCBA,PCB&PCBA Design&Clone&Production

Application: Consumer Electronics,Industrial,Electronical Products,Battery Pack

PCB Assembly service: SMT THT DIP


Medical PCB 4 layers with good price high quality

Medical PCB 4 layers with good price high quality

Medical PCB 4 layers with good price high quality

Medical PCB 4 layers with good price high quality

PCB processing capability

PCB serviceProcess capability
Layer1-20 layers
Maximum size≤600*500mm
Wire copper foil thickness17-343um(10oz)
Minimum linewidth / line distance0.075/0.065mm(3mil/2.8mil)
Minimum aperture0.15mm(6mil)
Minimum welding pad0.2mm(8mil)
Impedance control+/-10%
Shape processing accuracy+/-0.10mm(4mil)
Board typeFR-4, aluminum - base, copper -base, ROGERS, ARLON, Teflon, composite
Surface treatmentTin spray, ENIG, Immerse Au, immersion silver, im mersion tin, osp, gold osp, electrospray tin


SMT serviceProcess capability
Processing typeSMT, DIP, After welding, test
Maximum boardL50×W50mm~L510×W460mm
Maximum thickness3mm
Minimum thickness0.5mm
Minimum component1005
Maximum component size150mm*150mm
Minimum pin component spacing0.3mm
Minimum bga spacing0.3mm
Maximum component mounting
Whole assembly accuracy up to ±50 micron,whole
process repetition accuracy ±30 micron.
SMT capacity4 million pins / day
DIP capacity100 thousand/ day