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What are the disassembly and welding skills for SMT processing?(part 1)

Oct. 30, 2023

What are the disassembly and welding skills for SMT processing? SMT processing components to be removed, generally speaking is not so easy. Constant practice, to master, otherwise, if forced disassembly is easy to destroy SMD components. The mastery of these skills is, of course, a matter of practice. The following shared by PCB design manufacturer for everyone:

The disassembly and welding skills of SMT processing are as follows:

1. For the components with few SMD pins, such as resistance, capacitance, transistor and so on, firstly plate one of the soldering pads on the PCB board with tin, then hold the components with tweezers in the left hand to the installation position and hold the circuit board against it, and weld the pins on the soldering pad with a soldering iron in the right hand. The left tweezers can be loosened, and the remaining feet can be welded with tin wire. It is also easy to remove such elements by heating both ends of the element with a soldering iron and lifting the element gently after the tin has melted.

2. For more components, SMT processing components pin spacing wide SMT components, is also used a similar approach, first on a solder tin, with forceps clamping components and then left one foot welding is good, the rest of the foot with a tin wire welding. The disassembly of such components is generally better with a hot air gun, a hot air gun will be blown solder melting, the other hand with tweezers and other fixtures when solder melting components will be removed.     

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