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What are the disassembly and welding skills for SMT processing?(part 2)

Oct. 30, 2023

3. PCB Supplier shares that for components with high pin density, the welding procedure is similar, i.e. first weld one foot and then solder the rest of the feet with tin wire. The number of feet is relatively large and dense, and the alignment of the pins and pads is the key. Usually choose the solder plate on the corner, with only a little tin plating, use tweezers or hand to align the components with the solder plate, the edges with pins are aligned, press the components on the PCB board with a little force, and solder the corresponding pins of the solder plate with a soldering iron.

Finally, it is recommended that the components with high pin density should be removed mainly with a hot air gun, the components should be clamped with tweezers, and all the pins should be blown back and forth with a hot air gun, and the components should be lifted up when they are melted. If you want to remove the components, then try not to blow against the center of the components, the time should be as short as possible. Clean up the soldering pad with a soldering iron after the components are removed.

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