pcb fabrication and pcba manufacturing service from shenzhen

pcb fabrication and pcba manufacturing service from shenzhen

● 4 YAMAHA High-speed SMT Lines

● 6 million daily SMT placements capability

● 400,000 daily DIP placements capability

● 500×600 mm Maximum Board Size

● 0.25"x 0.25" Minimum Board Size

● 450 mm Max. Width for Wave-Solder

● Passives Components Down to 0201 Size BGA and VFBGA Leadless Chip Carrier/CSP Double-Sided SMT Assembly Fine Pitch to 08 Mil BGA Repair and ReballPart Removal and Replacement

SMT and DIP/X-RAY Inspection/AOI Testing/In-circuit-test (ICT)/Flying Probe/Function Test/Burn-in/Finished products assembly


China shenzhen electronics 8 layer blue plated board PCB

China shenzhen electronics 8 layer blue plated board PCB

China shenzhen electronics 8 layer blue plated board PCB

China shenzhen electronics 8 layer blue plated board PCB

China shenzhen electronics 8 layer blue plated board PCB

As a manufacturer of PCB and PCBA, how do we control the quality of PCB and PCBA assembly production?

1. PCB circuit board manufacturing: after receiving the PCBA order, analyze the Gerber file, pay attention to the hole spacing of the printed circuit board and the bearing capacity of the PCB board.

2. Purchasing and inspection of components: Material purchasing must from regular company or original factories. In addition, special inspection  positions are set up to make sure components are all in good quality.

3. SMT processing

Solder paste printing and reflow oven temperature control are key points. In addition, AOI testing needs to be strictly implemented to minimize the adverse effects caused by human factors.

4. DIP plug-in processing

In the plug-in process, the mold design for over-wave soldering is a key point. How to use the mold maximize the probability of providing good quality after the furnace? As a electric product assembly manufacturer, our PE engineers have great experience in it.

5. Firing program

As a experienced pcb assembly factory, we usually advise customers to set up some Test Points on the PCB in order to test the PCB and the PCBA circuit continuity after soldering all components. 

6. PCB board test

For orders with PCBA test requirements, the main test contents include ICT (In Circuit Test), FCT (Function Test), Burn In Test (aging test), temperature and etc.. According to the customer's test plan. We provide the report data.

We are a perfect China PCB factory and an experienced pcb assembly processing manufacturer!

PCB processing capability

PCB serviceProcess capability
Layer1-20 layers
Maximum size≤600*500mm
Wire copper foil thickness17-343um(10oz)
Minimum linewidth / line distance0.075/0.065mm(3mil/2.8mil)
Minimum aperture0.15mm(6mil)
Minimum welding pad0.2mm(8mil)
Impedance control+/-10%
Shape processing accuracy+/-0.10mm(4mil)
Board typeFR-4, aluminum - base, copper -base, ROGERS, ARLON, Teflon, composite
Surface treatmentTin spray, ENIG, Immerse Au, immersion silver, im mersion tin, osp, gold osp, electrospray tin


SMT serviceProcess capability
Processing typeSMT, DIP, After welding, test
Maximum boardL50×W50mm~L510×W460mm
Maximum thickness3mm
Minimum thickness0.5mm
Minimum component1005
Maximum component size150mm*150mm
Minimum pin component spacing0.3mm
Minimum bga spacing0.3mm
Maximum component mounting
Whole assembly accuracy up to ±50 micron,whole
process repetition accuracy ±30 micron.
SMT capacity4 million pins / day
DIP capacity100 thousand/ day