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Classification by patch speed (patch rate)

May. 31, 2019

Classification by patch speed (patch rate)

According to the SMT PCB surface mount fabrication patch speed classification, the placement machine can be divided into low speed, medium speed, high speed and massive patch system (slice rate is more than 20,000 / h).

(1) low speed SMT machine. The patch rate of low speed SMT machine is less than 3000 PCS /h. Generally, the pasting cycle time is less than 1s/ point, which is generally applicable to trial production, new product development, small batch production and special SMC/SMD pasting.

(2) medium speed patch machine. The patch rate of medium speed patch machine is generally 3000 ~ 8000 /h, and the patch cycle time is generally 1 ~ 0.5s/ point. It is suitable for SMC/SMD wide range, rich accessories, perfect function, with a higher precision, and a certain degree of production efficiency. In addition, the equipment of moderate cost performance, is medium, small batch production of preferred equipment.

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(3) high-speed patch machine. The patch rate of the high-speed patch machine is over 8000 pieces /h, and the patch cycle time is less than 0.4s/ point. It has high production efficiency, suitable for mass production, especially suitable for the large-scale use of chip capacitors, chip resistors and small SMD occasions, and a small number of special SMD production. Usually, high-speed SMT machine adopts fixed multi-head (usually 6 heads) or double group of SMT head mounted on the x-y guide rail, x-y servo system is closed loop control, so it has a high positioning accuracy, a wide range of SMT components. This kind of patch machine has the most types and many manufacturers. It can be used in many occasions and can be combined and assembled according to the production capacity of the product. It can also be used alone (because of its strong patch function). And the ultra - high speed patch machine is more than the use of rotary multi - head system, according to the multi - head rotation direction is divided into horizontal rotation and vertical rotation. Its characteristic is, 16 stick piece head can stick piece at the same time, so integral stick piece speed is fast. However, for a single head, it is only equivalent to the speed of the medium-speed machine, so the movement inertia of the patch head is small, and the accuracy of the patch can be guaranteed.

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