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[Circuit board for sale]Temperature difference between lead-free tin-plated and lead-sprayed tin on PCB

May. 18, 2019

What is the difference between lead-free spray and lead-spray tin on PCB? What is the temperature? Shared by aluminum pcb manufacturer.

1. PCB lead-free tin spray belongs to the environmental protection category does not contain harmful substances "lead ", melting point of about 218 degrees; The temperature of the tin spraying furnace should be controlled at 280-300 degrees. The peak temperature should be controlled at about 260 degrees. Over. Reflux temperature 260-270 degrees.

2. Lead-sprayed tin on PCB board does not belong to environmental protection category and contains harmful material "lead ", with melting point of about 183 degrees; Spray tin tin furnace temperature needs to be controlled in 245-260 degrees; The temperature of passing wave peak should be controlled at about 250 degrees. Over. Reflux temperature 245-255 degrees.

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high frequency PCB, HDI PCB minimum 01005 components