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How to check circuit boards?

Jul. 03, 2019

How to check circuit boards? Shared by Cheap LED Printed Circuit Board  supplier.

The pill of fault detection and analysis: the system has two pressure tank, one in, one at the bottom, middle separation by pneumatic cut-off valve, pressure tank is equipped with two sensors, one at the top of the jar, one at the bottom of the pan, used to detect the location of the pressure vessel steel shot, probe into the pot, measuring, amplifying circuit of pressure tank.

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According to the design structure and alarm content, check the state of the pressure tank probe according to the electrical schematic diagram. Select MDI mode, press and system function key, select [PMC], [PMCDGN], and [state] soft key to see 134 = 1, and trigger the upper probe signal, indicating that particles are not probe. From the observation window, we can see that it is covered by pellets and further check the input signal to the CNC line.

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