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Production Capacity

Oct. 30, 2023

Our company is located in Shenzhen Shiyan Tangtou Hongfa Technology Park, pcba processing plant area 2500㎡,employees more than 150 people. Owns the smt machine room, the automatic flowing plug-in lines, the wave-soldering, the automatic constant temperature tin holding tools, average daily capacity of 400000 units dip plug-in ability; Total 4 assembly line, more than 3 million points per working day processing capacity which can adapt to large, medium and small equipment products assembly; With bga mounting technology and repair technology, with 100 square meters of high temperature aging room, ultrasonic cleaning room, complete anti-static production measures, dust-free production workshop. The PCB production plant area is 500 ㎡,which can produce 20 layers multilayer PCB.The minimum aperture could be 0.15mm, minimum linewidth / gap 2.8mil. The average monthly output is 8000 square meters and the average monthly sample is 1500 models.