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How Can PCBA Suppliers Stand Out From The Competition?

Oct. 30, 2023

As a PCBA Supplier, thinking that sending a quote and then waiting for a deal, it is a big mistake. PCBA processing manufacturers must stand out from the competition, often overlooking the hardships in this process, and more importantly, a marketing thinking. In order to answer this question, we must first understand the customer's ideas from the perspective of the customer. What are the needs of customers looking for PCBA suppliers? Then the following briefly describes the PCBA supplier requirements.

1. Professional impression: Customers believe that professional people can achieve satisfactory results. Therefore, whether your quotation is clear in format, accurate in words, whether the salesperson's phone is polite and professional, and whether the company's website is clear and professional, etc., are the subconscious and conditional reflections of the customer's evaluation of the PCBA Manufacturer.

2. Scale and process capability: customers will carefully analyze the characteristics of their product projects, what kind of process capability is needed to help achieve, so customers will browse the introduction of enterprise scale and process capability as an important factor in evaluating PCBA suppliers. in accordance with.

3. Quality control method: The customer's initial evaluation of the PCBA supplier will form a basic impression: heavy quality or heavy price? Mid- to high-end manufacturing capabilities are also manufacturing capacity. In view of this, the professional description of the quality control method also helps customers to quickly understand the capabilities of the PCBA supplier and help to provide favorable conditions in the competition.

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