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Are flux residues on circuit boards to be treated?

Jun. 13, 2019

Are flux residues on circuit boards to be treated?

As we all know, the electric circuit board assembly in the welding process, more or less will have some rosin and other flux residues, these flux residues will be used to clean clean board water. Many printed circuit boards are based on the actual solder composition, some are clean - free solder.

Clean - free welding is a popular circuit board welding technology at present. Because no clean welding will still keep on board help flux residue, the residue compared with traditional flux residue, is soft but not sticky, enhances the testability of the board, but this kind of super soft residue under the veneer of not too high temperature will become liquid, it will release activator (containing H '), especially in the sea with high degrees of environment will produce leakage, serious can short circuit, even corrosion will happen. Therefore, the reliability of no-clean solder is low.

If the reason for the decrease of circuit board resistance is to leave a helpful flux residue on the circuit board, it is recommended to resume the cleaning process to ensure the reliability of the circuit board. If a clean - free process is required, the reliability of the clean - free welding process is tested in accordance with ipc-sf-818 with the aim of evaluating the effect of welding residues on product reliability.

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